Phenol-formaldehyde general properties

Phenol-formaldehyde general properties and it's structure

Phenol-formaldehyde general properties structure.

  • Most phenol-formaldehyde compounds are based on Novolac.
  • Novolaks lead tp quick formulation those based on xylenol have a higher resistance to alkali.
  • Novalac hardens after addition of hexamethylenetetramine.
  • Resols are used for special purpose example Ammonia free moulding.
  • Phenol/cresol mixtures are more expensive and are therefore hardly ever used.
  • The high degree of cross-linking of phenolic moulding compounds and the addition of reinforcement and the addition of hexamethylenetetramine.
  • high strength, stiffness and hardness.
  • Low tendency to Creep.
  • High toughness and low-temperature toughness. (depends on reinforcement)
  • Good heat distortion capacity.
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion.
  • High resistance to in condense.
  • High resistance to organic solvents, neutral Chemicals, weak acid and alkaline solution.
  • Not resistant to strong acid and alkaline liquors.
  •  Resistant to crack formation.
  •  Low flammability
  • Only able to be produced in the Dark colours.
  • Characteristics smell not permitted for contact with food.

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